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Welcome to our new and old players!

If you’re here, you most likely already know what Ingress is – welcome aboard! If you’re not sure what it is, you can find out more about the game and download it by visiting the Google Play Store or the iOS app store. We also highly recommend reading this guide for new players, which explains how the game works in a far better way than the in game tutorial. If you’re not already part of your local community, keep reading to find out how to join!


New Player Guide







Join Us

Joining us online is super simple!

You can join the New Zealand Enlightened community now by clicking on the button below.  Once you’ve signed in and let us know a few basic details such as your agent name, we’ll add you to a group chat and start inviting you to events!










Being social makes us Enlightened!

From picnics to parties, being social is part of what makes us so Enlightened!  Sign up for the New Zealand Enlightened community to make sure you get all of the latest invites – in most areas, we get together at least once a week.







Here are 7 great tips for getting started!

    1. Going Somewhere? If you’re heading out, say so in Faction-comms in the game. Chances are there’s a higher level player nearby who would be happy to help out, blast things for you, give you gear, or just catch up and say hi!
    2. Deploying Stand as far away from the portal as you possibly can (the edge of your Action Circle is 40m), then mash the “deploy” button. It will automatically spread the resonators for you to all slots, at your current distance from the portal.
    3. Linking Make as many of these as you can! Every link you make grants a lot of AP and has a chance of making a field for even more! At the same time if another agent requests you avoid linking in an area for a while they’re most likely planning something big so wait a while before throwing any more. (You can always ask if you can help them with their plan too!)
    4. Attacking Stand on top of the highest level resonator and fire away. Then, move around to the next one. More damage is dealt the closer you are to the resonator. This applies until you reach Level 6.
    5. Turnover You will lose portals. That’s a good thing, treat it as such. It means you get AP when you take it back, and you can re-link it, which levels you up. Keep in mind that every portal you take was once somebody elses. Yin and Yang, you need them like they need you.
    6. Chat channels When you’re invited into a chat channel, introduce yourself. Say hi, let us know your in-game name, and where you like to hang out (Maybe your local home/work area). You’ll likely get to know these people in your local chat very quickly. We’re all a real friendly bunch.
    7. Etiquette Remember to be polite to the Resistance agents. You may both be fighting for a different cause, but you’re both fighting the same war, and as such you should respect them for that.

If you have any questions, join your local G+ Community, ask in your local Hangout, or shout out in Faction-comms in the game. We were all new once, we know how tricky certain things can be to get your head around, and we are happy to answer any questions.

NOTE: If you don’t have Hangouts on your phone / tablet, you may need to upgrade the “Talk” app that came with it. Or go to https://hangouts.google.com/ in a web browser.





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